Thursday, May 23, 2013

Welcome to NZ Benefit Cosmetics + My Benefit Haul

Last Tuesday May 21, 2013, me and my friends were walking at Queen St. and a huge banner of Benefit Cosmetics at Smith & Caughey's caught my attention. I was like OMG! They're here! Finally! Went inside the store and found out that May 23 will be the official opening of the Benefit counter. From then on my thoughts were hunted by their amazing products. I'm so excited!

It's May 23! This morning I rushed into Smith & Caughey's, I went straight to Benefit counter and it was AWESOME! Pink and girly stuffs are everywhere. All the make up junkies like me are getting crazy, testing and buying products here and there.

Wasn't able to take a lot of photos 'cause I was too busy testing out products. Anyway, Benefit counter has in-house services: *prices are in NZ dollars
Brow arch wax $29
Brow arch tweeze $35
Brow & Lip Wax $39
Lip wax $18
Chin wax $18
Lip & Chin wax $28
Lip, Chin, Side $39
Complete facial wax (Brow, Lip, Chin & Sides) $59
Brow tint $19
Brow tint with arch $39
Lash Lovelies lashes (application included) $25

Every make up product that you need is very much available and if you're not sure about what to buy, a pretty Benebabe is just around the corner to help and assist you about their products. 

I'm so glad that Benefit cosmetics is already here in NZ, no need for me to buy online. so convenient!

Let's now proceed to the fun part :)

I can't really decide what to buy from their huge range of amazing products. When I was testing and doing swatches, I had this "I like this, I want this, I'll buy this" thoughts. It was crazy and my excitement really overwhelms me that I can't choose properly. But luckily and thankfully they had this marvelous kits, packed with wonderful products. 

I end up buying Primping with the Stars kit, Feelin' Dandy kit and Hoola bronzing powder. I can say I got everything that I need, because the kits that I bought have it all. 

It is the all time greatest "fake-its" kit as Benefit claims. This includes:
  • The POREfessional - primer that minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Stay don't stray - an eyeshadow and concealer primer.
  • Girl meets pearl - liquid pearl luminizer, gives you instant dewy finish.
  • Some kind-a gorgeous (medium) - oil-free, cream to powder formula that even out skin-tone.
  • Benetint - rose colored lip and cheek stain.
  • They're Real - long wearing mascara that lengthens, curls, lifts and separates lashes.
The perfect everyday perk me up kit. I should say this is the best Lip & Cheek Kit. 
  • Posietint - pinkish lip and cheek tint.
  • High beam - apply on cheeks, brow bones for luminous finish.
  • Dandelion blush - pink base blush.
  • Dandelion Ultra Plush lip gloss - soft pearly pink, with orange fruit scent.
HOOLA bronzing powder
It's everybody's holy grail bronzing powder. Perfect for contouring and can be use to give the most believable tan.

It's an intellectual idea that benefit cosmetics have this tips and tricks for every kit. It's a big help for all the make up beginners or those who aren't familiar with the product. This tips and tricks are simple guide on how to use each and every product from their kit.

Aside from these products, I received freebies from Benefit cosmetics: girly make up bag and another they're real mascara. It was super amazing! Until now I can still feel the excitement or maybe because I'm just super happy because I finally got my hands over these wonderful make up products.

I know this blog was so random, but really my excitement won't let me focus. I will definitely use all this goodies on my upcoming look of the day segment for my blog. To finish this blog always remember "Laughter is the best cosmetic... so grin and wear it"-Benefit Cosmetics. Stay pretty girls. 'Til next blog.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick Collection

Faaaye gone cray cray over these lippies from Rimmel London. I was never ever a lipstick person, I'm more on lip balms and lip tints. I only use lipstick for special occasion or whenever I just feel like it. I once saw this collection from a youtube guru which didn't influence me to buy one. But one day, it was Anzac Day here at NZ, I was looking around the mall - shopping, I found a great $10 deal on these lippies at Farmers. So, I swatch the colors and bought the shades that I like. I only bought 4 shades first, but when I tried it on my lips for a day, I fell in love with the pigmentation, scent and color. I couldn't help but grab some other shades, which led me to these bunch of colors.

The Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick has 3 different kinds of collection: Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, Kate Spring Lipstick Collection and Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss.

Lasting Finish by Kate Moss and Kate Spring Lipstick Collection
Lasting Finish by Kate Moss and Kate Spring Lipstick Collection
Both collection comes in sleek black packaging, Rimmel crown logo at the top of the cover and shade number at the bottom. The only difference between the two is that, Lasting Finish has color red Kate signature on the cover while the Spring Collection has color pink Kate signature.

I love how pigmented the colors are. It has a creamy texture but leaves a satin finish on the lips, semi-matte and no shimmer which sounds perfect for me! According to Rimmel's website the Lasting Finish has Black Diamonds infused into the formula which make it reflect into the light. Meanwhile the Spring Collection will make you stand out by giving you an instant pout. Lovely? Isn't it?

It glides on smoothly into the lips whether you lip balm prep or not, but I do recommend to do so. I usually apply 2-3 layers to get the lip color that I want. It claims a high intensity color up to 8 hours which I don't think it's possible for any lipstick type or brand. It honestly last on me for about 4 hours including drinking and eating. In addition, it has a very nice and pleasant smell for me - sweet, fruity, bubble gum'ish kind.

Upon choosing and buying, I always make sure that I have different range of color (nude, coral, peach, pink, red) from their collection. Lasting finish has 10 available shades while Spring collection has 5. 

These are the colors that stands out the most for me. 
Lasting finish by Kate Moss (05 - 12 - 14) ... Kate Spring Lipstick Collection (16 - 19 - 20)
(L-R) Shade Number: 05 - 12 - 14 - 16 - 19 - 20 
05 - Medium pink color.
12 - Coraly orange color.
14 - Nude mauve color.
16 - Light pink peachy color.
19 - Medium peach with light red under tone color.
20 - Bright pink color.

Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss

An eye catching sleek red packaging with color black Kate signature on the top cover, Rimmel crown logo at the top and shade number at the bottom as well.

Definitely has an opaque color coverage, creamy texture but leaving no shimmer, velvety matte finish on the lips. Consist with Ruby Powder formula that enhance color intensity and probably it has a formula that makes it superbly smooth and lightweight.

With its intense color quality, 1-2 layers of application is enough to achieve the desired shade color. It is beautiful on the lips and I'm so obsessed with the colors that I've got. When you first apply it, its kinda moist and shinny but as minutes passed by it will stay on the lips, matte. Its not drying, glides on smoothly making it very easy to apply and very comfortable to wear.

I personally prefer dark colors for matte lipsticks, for me it looks voluptuous when you're wearing deep colors and its matte. This collection has 10 available shades but for some reason here in NZ they only have 6 shades in stores. The only color that I didn't pick up is #113.

Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss 
(L-R) Shade number: 103 - 106 - 107 - 111(Kiss of Life) - 112
103 - Warm pink color.
106 - Dark pink color with bluish undertone.
107 - Dark red purply color.
111 - Bright red color with orange undertone.
112 - Dark reddish brown color.

***All in all I absolutely love this lipstick collection, very nice pigmentation, wearable, not heavy on the lips and not drying. Fantastic quality for such an affordable price. RRP: NZD $12-16, it depends where you buy it, available at Farmers, Warehouse and K-Mart.

That's it for now, hope you find this helpful. Feel free to comment down below. Take care and stay pretty girls! xoxo


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little more of Faye

Welcome to my blog! Hello! Hello! I've been meaning to start blogging for ages. But due to my priority settings and "I'll start tomorrow" kind of attitude, it took me years to finally publish and create my own blog. Finally! Today, I have more time for this and I would love to introduce a little bit about me before I start to blog and discuss beauty, make up, fashion and the likes.

My name is Faye Cruz, I came from the beautiful country of the Philippines... yes, I'm a proud pure Filipina. A nurse by profession and currently undecided if I will change industry or not, kinda confuse girl. I've been very interested into beauty and fashion ever since I was 5, 6 or 7 years old? not sure though. I'm neither beauty expert nor fashionista, but I'm such a cray cray for both. 

Beauty and fashion is all over the place. It almost conquer the world, specially nowadays where there's a lot of beauty guru's, bloggers and fashion experts over the web. Beauty FAQ's, little DIY's, product reviews, make up tutorial and latest fashion guides are within the reach through internet - social network, blog sites, and youtube. I personally learned from these bunch of accessible sources but I do my own research as well.

I decided to jumped into blogger bandwagon to share my own amazing discoveries, interest, and  knowledge about beauty and fashion. Around family and friends, I always love sharing  my latest learned tips and tricks, how to's and product thoughts. They find it helpful and also interesting. It would be fun if I will be able to help my future readers and together hype about latest products and facts too!

To finish my not so long intro, here's a friendly reminder for all of you - "In times of beauty and fashion troubles, there's always Faye for you!" I will be your friendly superhero on beauty and fashion! Follow me, its FREE! Take care and stay pretty girls! xoxo