Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little more of Faye

Welcome to my blog! Hello! Hello! I've been meaning to start blogging for ages. But due to my priority settings and "I'll start tomorrow" kind of attitude, it took me years to finally publish and create my own blog. Finally! Today, I have more time for this and I would love to introduce a little bit about me before I start to blog and discuss beauty, make up, fashion and the likes.

My name is Faye Cruz, I came from the beautiful country of the Philippines... yes, I'm a proud pure Filipina. A nurse by profession and currently undecided if I will change industry or not, kinda confuse girl. I've been very interested into beauty and fashion ever since I was 5, 6 or 7 years old? not sure though. I'm neither beauty expert nor fashionista, but I'm such a cray cray for both. 

Beauty and fashion is all over the place. It almost conquer the world, specially nowadays where there's a lot of beauty guru's, bloggers and fashion experts over the web. Beauty FAQ's, little DIY's, product reviews, make up tutorial and latest fashion guides are within the reach through internet - social network, blog sites, and youtube. I personally learned from these bunch of accessible sources but I do my own research as well.

I decided to jumped into blogger bandwagon to share my own amazing discoveries, interest, and  knowledge about beauty and fashion. Around family and friends, I always love sharing  my latest learned tips and tricks, how to's and product thoughts. They find it helpful and also interesting. It would be fun if I will be able to help my future readers and together hype about latest products and facts too!

To finish my not so long intro, here's a friendly reminder for all of you - "In times of beauty and fashion troubles, there's always Faye for you!" I will be your friendly superhero on beauty and fashion! Follow me, its FREE! Take care and stay pretty girls! xoxo


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  1. Hey darling)
    you have an amazing blog)i like it)

    I invite you to take part in my giveaway)

    xoxo Christy